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A panel from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission -- Associate Counsel Justin Stempeck, Commissioner Cathy Judd-Stein and Commissioner Gayle Cameron -- testified before lawmakers Tuesday, leading off a hearing on sports betting proposals in the Bay State. (Sam Doran/SHNS) Supreme Court granted states permission to legalize an activity that had previously been mostly sequestered to Nevada and illegal operations. The Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies on Tuesday began to dig into the bevy of issues that would come with the implementation of sports betting. Gov. Charlie Baker and a handful of lawmakers have filed their own proposals laying out how a legal sports betting industry should be shaped and regulated in Massachusetts. Baker's bill would prohibit any betting on college or amateur sports, at least one proposal would prohibit betting on contests that involve Massachusetts colleges and others would make the full range of NCAA sporting events open to bets. Baker's bill  would not allow betting on any college contests, and Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Mike Kennealy said Tuesday the governor is trying to take a "measured approach" by limiting betting to professional sports. "I would say we're trying to strike a balance here between entering the market and realizing new revenue on one hand and on the other hand taking a somewhat conservative approach," Kennealy said. "We would argue the best way to do this is on professional sports." Sen. Brendan Crighton, who has filed his own sports betting legislation , testified to his colleagues that it is imperative that Massachusetts sports books take action on college games, even though his own bill would prohibit betting on any game that involves a Massachusetts school. "We cannot compete with the legal market unless we allow betting on NCAA games," the Lynn Democrat said. "This betting is going on currently and we're not going to be able to offer a model that lures folks away [from the illegal market] unless we include what is one of the more popular forms of betting." In joint testimony submitted to the committee, the state's three licensed gaming operators — MGM Springfield, Plainridge Park Casino and Encore Boston Harbor — said they support allowing bets on professional, collegiate and amateur games, but not on high school sports.

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Should Other States Approach Sports Betting Like Pennsylvania? Should Other States Approach Sports Betting Like Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania was one of the first states in America to legalize sports betting, with bettors having the option to place wagers Betting Tips in a number of ways. Some of the discussion surrounding sports betting has been shaped by the state, with many wondering if other states should introduce the industry in the same way that Pennsylvania has. Pennsylvania is one of the few states that has allowed both in-person sports betting as well as online sports betting. While it did take a while for the state to introduce online sports betting, the ability to wager online has finally gone live for those in the state. And that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of sports betting options that are available to bettors in Pennsylvania, as bettors can take part in in-person wagering as well as kiosk betting. Kiosk betting has been an especially popular form of sports betting, as bettors are able to place their bets in physical locations without having to explain their bets to an employee at a sportsbook. These kiosks list the same available bets as sportsbooks in most cases, with bettors simply being able to tap a few buttons in order to make a bet. That kind of convenience isn't the ดูผลบอลออนไลน์ฟรี norm in all states, which begs the question: why aren't all states taking the lead from the Keystone State? Comparing Pennsylvania to nearby states is particularly illuminating in showcasing how well the state has put together its sports betting offerings. New Jersey offers similar options to Pennsylvania, but nearby New York continues to grow further away from Pennsylvania with every piece of PA sports betting news that comes across.

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